Friday, 8 February 2013

How things change!!

Two years ago I planned to travel back to Africa in my 4x4 to travel down the west coast.   In that two years I have had many humps that have stopped me from doing that planned trip some good some not so good!
Im sitting in my room right now writing this,  thinking about my dream trip to travel West Africa. I have a large map of the world on my wall and photos of East Africa all over the other.  What I have not told you is im living and working in Antarctica.
For the last 6 months I have been training and then living in Antarctica.  I am at one of the Australian Antarctic bases,  Davis Station. I have been here now for 12 weeks.  I  started  thinking about what I plan to do when I leave!  When I say leave I still have 11 months left down here before the resupply ship turns up to take us home.
Im living in the most remote place on earth and enjoying every minute of it!.  
When I let my mind drift it always drifts back to Africa.  As much as I love living and working here in  Antarctica Its Africa that I keep thinking about, and the possibility of 4x4ing across West Africa.
I thought Id share some pictures of Antarctica,  let you guys that are following see a little of what I see most days.


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Grampians National Park

Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful Grampians National park in Victoria.   Only spent a couple hours driving through on my way back to Adelaide  after signing paperwork for a new home in Ballarat.
Elephant Hide just out of Hall's Gap

Looking down to Hall's Gap

MacKenzie Falls The view down to them 

MacKenzie Falls

It wouldn't be a blog entry with out a picture of Dora

Heading out towards Princes Hyw and this happened.  Lucky for the bullbar there was no damage.   

The View to Taipan Wall Northern Grampians 


Friday, 6 January 2012

North Eastern Lake Torrens

Here are a couple of pictures of my quick trip to Lake Torrens, which is half way between Roxby Downs and Farina South Australia.

The lake was to wet under foot to drive.  I have driven this years ago when it was harder.

Dragon meet Croc..... 

The track out here have been washed away after the last 12 months of heavy rains.

Climbing out of what was once a track?  Looks more like a creek now!!

The climb to the look out just north of Lake Torrens.  A couple years ago this was an easy drive to the top.  Since the heavy rains it has washed a large section out of the track which made it very hard to top out!!